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  Tech with Purpose: Bridging Gaps, Building Futures


Tech with Purpose: Bridging Gaps and Building Futures


Kandaki Tech™ was established by Dr. Pamela Frazier-Anderson in 2018 with a vision to implement transformative social ventures in the digital realm. The company's primary focus is on crafting innovative websites that deliver pertinent content in various subject areas, with the aim enhancing learning experiences tailored to individuals engaged with marginalized and excluded communities. Kandaki Tech™ stands at the intersection of technology and social impact, committed to reshaping the digital landscape for more inclusive and enriching educational interactions.

The company operates on the principle that inclusivity and cultural relevance are crucial to effective digital experiences. In addition to content creation, Kandaki Tech extends its expertise by consulting with individuals, community organizations, and educational institutions. The company provides valuable insights and guidance on integrating culturally responsive content into educational programs and projects. Dr. Pamela Frazier-Anderson understands the significance of tailoring educational content to diverse audiences, ensuring that learning experiences are inclusive and culturally sensitive.

By combining technological innovation with a deep understanding of cultural diversity, Kandaki Tech strives to make a meaningful impact on the digital landscape. Driven by a commitment to social responsibility, the company aims to contribute to a more equitable and inclusive online environment for all by creating content that respects diverse cultural backgrounds and promotes a sense of belonging and understanding.

Meet Our Advisory Board

Kandaki Tech's advisory board is made up of professionals, experts, and leaders from various backgrounds and industries. They are fully dedicated to providing Kandaki Tech with strategic advice, guidance, and unparalleled insights to help us achieve our goals. Each member brings their own unique set of and experiences to the table, allowing us to create innovative solutions and drive our mission forward with confidence. We are thrilled to have such a talented and committed group of professionals on our Advisory Board.

Monica Bocanegra_edited.jpg

Monica Bocanegra

Information Management Business Systems Analyst, Ventura County, CA

Kinnis Gosha.jpeg

Kinnis Gosha, Ph.D.

Endowed Division Chair of Experiential Learning and Interdisciplinary Studies; Director of the Culturally Relevant Computer Lab,

Morehouse College, Atlanta, GA.

Edward Lumpkin.jpeg

Ed Lumpkin, MBA

Commercial Lending Bank Executive

Charlotte, NC

Jennifer Baker.jpeg

Jennifer Baker, MBA, MA

Marketing Communications Consultant, JIB Marketing Group

Atlanta, GA


Kandaki Tech is excited to announce our collaboration with businesses and community organizations that share our passion for bringing culturally responsive content to the digital realm. We believe that by working together, we can create a inclusive and diverse online community. Let's make a difference together!

Professional Affiliations and Memberships

Dr. Frazier-Anderson is proud to be affiliated with several professional organizations. Dr. Frazier-Anderson believes in staying current on the latest developments and best practices through her involvement in these organizations.

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